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I honestly thought when I originally watched “Human Centipede” it was about a creature, a centipede humanoid thing that ate people & they became part of it. I was clearly wrong. I love the movie BUT I do think “that movie” should be made. Ideas can stem from “Silent Hill: Revelation“‘s “Mannequin Monster”, “The Mummy Returns“‘s Scorpion King, etc. #HumanCentipede #SilentHillRevelation #MannequinMonster

Annoyed beyond belief!!!! How hard is it to find 1 song??? I’m lookin for Trick Daddy’s “Sugar (Gimme Some) Remix” that features Ludacris, Cee-Low & Lil Kim. On free sites- her name is listed but she’s not on it, IF she’s on it it’s 1. It’s not a full song or 2. A dumb dj shouts over the track. Hell you can’t even buy it with her on it. I’ve tried Soundcloud….no luck. Even the whole YouTube to mp3 BUT the video features talking πŸ˜’ & jumps to another track. Ideas???? I really like her verse:
“He’s lickin’ his lips like I’m somethin’ sweet
Lookin at me like Im something to eat
I got pimps givin me the money
Just to taste my jar of honey
Cotton candy sweet as gold
Come and lick my tootsie roll
My sugar baby once you wet it
Give high blood pressure like a diabetic
How about having lil kim with your coffee
I just cant keep these boys off me
Pink diamonds dudes love to frost me
Runnin behind me like im mr. softy
He said I drive ‘em crazy
That’s sweet tooth for you baby
Just gonna look at ‘cha lady
Lil Kim’s eye candy baby” #Sugar #SugarGimmeSome #SugarGimmeSomeRemix #TrickDaddy #Ludacris #LilKim #Help

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