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I’m not hating- Gwen Stefani’s “Baby Don’t Lie” is not a bad song BUT I feel it’s trying TOO hard to be different & odd. In her past work, like “Sweet Escape” she had SOME good SKNGS & some thuds. “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” for me, has been her best solo album. I serious like a majority of the album & doesn’t sound like she’s trying to hard. #GwenStefani #BabyDontLie #SweetEscape #LoveAngelMusicBaby

I almost died upon hearing this: We know “Fancy” was/is a big hit for Iggy Azeala. It features Charli XCX & is on her “The New Classic” album. Well she dropping a reissued album called “Reclassified” & the 1st track is “Beg For It”. Here’s where I almost died: she performed the song with Charli XCX & thus I thought she is the feature on the track. This upsetted me becuz it’d feel like she’s using Charli XCX to get hits but rest assure she’s not the feature 😄. Mø is the feature. So I’m good now. #IggyAzeala #Fancy #CharliXCX #TheNewClassic #BegForIt #Mø #Reclassified

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